Our Coffee

Crazy about the dark, bittersweet beverage that's captivated the world since the 15th century? So are we! Perfect for practically every mood & season, we wanted coffee to play a key part in our new cafe (we're not called The Coffee Shed for nothing!)

Each of our baristas is a signed-up coffee lover, and knows exactly how to get the good stuff from the beans to your mug. Feel free to ask their opinions or make a specific request so you can drink it just how you love it.

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With over 25 years experience in the coffee business, a dedication to sourcing the finest beans from around world and 100% ethically sourced. That's why we chose the oxford coffee company to be our supplier.

At The Coffee Shed we use their popular Royale beans. A blend of Arabica and Robusta quality beans - nutty and hazelnut body from the Arabica, complimented with acidity from the Robusta

our decaf espresso is 100% Arabica which retains all the characteristics and flavour of an Arabica coffee with none of the caffeine.