Meet our General Manager, who generally manages everything at the Shed. A 20-year catering career has led her to life at the Coffee Shed, taking in schools, colleges and even a garden centre or two along the way.

Vonnie describes herself as a campaigner for customer care, and takes a stand against blank-faced barista-ing. She is the chief architect of our cheeriness and keeps sincerity in our smiles! She hopes you'll enjoy meeting the team as much as they'll enjoy serving you.

Top treat: Lemon Drizzle cake

Best bev: Cappuccino (plenty of froth, lots of chocolate!)


Assistant Manager - Saphron Driskell


With a career spanning everything from pot-washing to place-setting, Saphron keeps everything & everyone ticking over at the Shed.

She loves the buzz that comes from a busy coffee house, and is an expert at getting things done while ensuring no corners are cut. We are delighted to have her expertise fuelling the beating heart of the Coffee Shed - the kitchen!

Top treat: Classic Chocolate cake

Best bev: A hearty Latté or two


Our fleet of highly trained baristas rotate in and out every day to serve snacks and craft coffees - ask for a recommendation or two and they'll be happy to share their thoughts!

We're always interested in meeting enthusiastic people who are keen to learn and get a kick out of good customer service - If that sounds like you, then please get in touch.